Portland, Oregon July 2017

Portland, Oregon July 2017

For me photography has always been about the details...and the beauty within those details...and enabling people who don’t naturally share the same type of vision to be able to see what I see.

Throughout my life and my travels, I have always been drawn to flowers. This is due in part to their beauty, but also in part to the anonymity that photographing them at close range gives to their location. 

Macro Photography is a favorite medium of mine for expressing the delicate beauty that exists within various elements of nature. Shallow depth of field & limited areas of sharp focus are employed in my works to convey a gentleness that evokes the calm and tranquility of nature.

Most recent exhibition: March 10-24, 2018, The Collective Art Tank in Asbury Park, NJ.

To purchase works of art or inquire about stock photos and images for design usage, please email me at diamondbutterflyphoto@gmail.com.